Press Release: Franciscan Action Network calls on Congress to bring Immigration Reform to a Vote


Support of the issue from a majority of Americans gives the House a chance to come to bipartisan consensus.

Washington, D.C.—As the Fast 4 Families bus tour continues to roll across the United States, ( Franciscan Action Network calls on Congress to bring immigration reform to a vote. A recent CNN poll showed that eight in ten Americans support an earned, accessible path to citizenship. The time is now for Congress to listen to the American people and bring immigration reform to a vote.

“Franciscans have always been known to espouse the virtue of peacemaking, and Christians and people of faith are called to love their neighbors,” said Patrick Carolan, the executive director of the Franciscan Action Network. “Congress needs to do right by the American people and stop tearing families apart by fixing our nation’s broken immigration laws.”

During this time of Lent, a time of repentance, the Franciscan Action Network joins with people of faith across the country as we continue to fast, while workers are taken advantage of and mothers and fathers are separated from their children. We call on Congress to take action. Now is the time for comprehensive immigration reform. It’s the right thing to do by the American people.