Press Release: FAN Joins Faith Groups in Calling on DHS to End Use of Private Prisons

August 30, 2016
For Immediate Release
Press contact: Kathryn Johnson, American Friends Service Committee
(206) 898-2832

FAN Joins Faith Groups in Calling on DHS to End Use of Private Prisons

Calls detention of immigrants "contrary" to country's professed values

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The Franciscan Action Network, as part of the Interfaith Immigration Coalition took part in the following joint press release by issuing the statement below.

In light of the U.S. Department of Justice announcement made on August 18th that the agency will phase out its use of private prisons, FAN joined other faith based groups in calling on the Department of Homeland Security to follow suit. Yesterday, DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson said that he would direct the DHS Advisory Council to study the issue and present recommendations by November 30th, but announced no further immediate action.

"While Franciscan Action Network (FAN) welcomed the announcement that DOJ will phase out contracts with private prison corporations given evidence of appalling conditions and high costs, most federal contracts with private prison companies are with DHS for detention centers where most immigrants being held are mothers and children. FAN believes that detaining immigrant families, especially when filling the pockets of private prison companies runs contrary to both our faith principles and our country’s professed values of compassion, kindness and justice. We urge DHS to follow DOJ in ending contracts with private prison companies, and then avail itself of alternatives to detention for mothers and children.” - Sister Marie Lucey, Director of Advocacy, Franciscan Action Network

FAN continues to work toward the fair and equitable treatment of immigrants and refugees to our country. For the full list of statements and faith organizations see the Interfaith Immigration Coalition website.


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