People’s Climate Movement Continues to Build Momentum

Updated January 27, 2017

The first week of the Trump administration has given us a glimpse of what we might expect on US climate policy for the next four years. Given the United States’ global role, any negative shifts in its climate policy could severely harm humanity’s ability to prevent catastrophic climate disruption. We cannot afford this, too much is at stake. We join Pope Francis in calling for bold action to care for the poor, for our children, and for all of God’s creation.

FAN has been involved from the early planning stages as a member of the steering committee for the People’s Climate Movement rally. We want to keep our members and friends informed of the most recent updates and encourage you to check the FAN and People’s Climate Movement websites often. Here are several new points:

  • There are nine points to the People’s Climate platform that were developed over the last year. You can read them on the website.
  • We are joining forces with the Global Catholic Climate Movement and the Catholic Climate Covenant in coordinating the Catholic participation in the march. If you want to participate in any way (joining us in DC or participating in a lobby day), please sign up on this form.
  • If you are traveling to Washington, we strongly encourage you to make the most of your time by meeting with your Members of Congress either before or after the march. The Catholic Climate Covenant will offer a lobby training in Washington, D.C. on Friday afternoon, April 28th. If you can’t come to Washington DC, Congressional visits can also be arranged in your home districts.

Now is the time to keep the momentum going. Last weekend, an enormous number of people participated in the Women’s Marches all over the country. This momentum must now be translated into action. Join us, in D.C. or locally, and pray with your feet.