Paris: The Franciscan Action Network is still in.

June 9, 2017

The Franciscan Action Network is still in.
We join with the majority of American individuals and institutions, including thousands of houses of worship and people of faith, in pledging to maintain the commitments of the Paris agreement regardless of the recent decision by the administration. Using our faith to lead us, we will move forward in our conviction to care for the planet and its inhabitants, and we are heartened to see so many others doing the same. Our conviction has only grown stronger, as we witness the uprising of communities who are stepping up to protect our earth. No decision by our political leaders can prevent us from working towards a world of compassion, stability, and safety.
Patrick Carolan, Executive Director of FAN, says “We intend to move forward, not backward. And the way forward is taking decisive, compassionate action to sustain this planet well into the future. We will continue to pray for and urge our administration to act morally, righteously and justly, but we will not wait for them to lead the way.”
The United States pulling out of the Paris Agreement will not stop the progress made worldwide with renewable energy and caring for those most impacted by climate change. The pullout has emboldened us to renew our efforts. We will continue mobilizing and organizing our Franciscan and Franciscan-hearted family across the country and across the world to advocate for a healthy climate. We will continue to use our faith voice to stand strong in the face of dangerous decisions made by our administration. We will continue working to protect those who are most vulnerable to the effects of climate change. We will continue listening to scientists and faith leaders who call for action on climate and environmental injustice, and we will continue to use the Paris Agreement as a framework for the work that we must do as a global community.