OurVoices Campaign Updates and 2015 Headlines


FAN is part of the growing community of diverse faiths in 60 countries that OurVoices represents and is proud to announce the upcoming events planned for this year.

OurVoices is triggering an unparalleled spiritual upswell on climate.  In less than a year, we’ve built an on-line community of more then 50,000 people of diverse faiths in 60 countries, organized on-the-ground vigils and events in 20 countries and brought faith groups together for the People’s Climate March in NYC. We’re combining the global, on-the-ground presence of faith communities with lively social media - a uniquely powerful way to project the influence and concern about climate from people of faith on every continent. We want a strong climate deal in Paris this December.  Here’s the story so far.

That’s just for starters, these are the 2015 headlines:

The People’s Pilgrimage -

Going live on 17th May, The People’s Pilgrimage is the unbranded, collaborative campaign to show the outpouring of human love for the earth and people wanting climate action.

Anyone, anywhere can take part including:

  1. The journey of climate hero Yeb Sano to meet religious leaders and visit ‘climate hotspots’ - places of hope and crisis
  2. Partner’s pilgrimage projects and the Pilgrimages to Paris
  3. Hundreds, hopefully thousands of locally organized walks and pilgrimages

Rocking the Encyclical -

Pope Francis’s Encyclical on the environment is the chance to lift up the moral call for climate action as never before.   Working alongside avaaz.org, 350.org, #FastfortheClimate, Catholic organizations and others, OurVoices will be “Rocking the Encyclical” through a joyous, soulful gathering in St. Peter’s Square on 28th June.  Our goal:  to show multi-faith support for climate action with a mass turnout in St. Peter’s Square, supported by a Convergence of Emerging Faith Leaders; a lively digital campaign and media coverage globally with a special focus on strongly catholic nations like EU, US, Brazil.

Vigil for the World We Want -

On September 25th, Pope Francis addresses the UN General Assembly in New York, the time when world leaders gather.  On the evening of September 24th, citizens around the world will stand in solidarity in their cities, in a candle lit rally, calling on world leaders and citizens alike to light the way to ending extreme poverty, and tackling inequality and climate change.  OurVoices is assisting with the multi-faith support for the vigil.  This is citizens’ final campaigning moment before the Sustainable Development Goals are announced, and in the lead up to Paris.

Fast&Feast at COP21 -

People across the world will fast to spotlight the consequences of climate inaction, and break the fast with a vegetarian feast and a ‘visual feast’ online celebrating climate solutions for a prosperous, better future. Our goal:  Thousands of people worldwide commit to “fasting and feasting.”

In addition to the Peoples Pilgrimage and these major campaigns, OurVoices is supporting many other initiatives through its social media activities, including Live Earth, World Vision and the faith specific climate initiatives we’ve helped to create. For more information head over to the OurVoices website.