New Resource Offered for Human Trafficking Month

The Washington Inter-Religious Staff Community (WISC) is an informal convening of the Washington, D.C.-area offices of national-level religious denominations and faith-based groups. Organizations participating in WISC (of which, FAN is one) work on a range of public policy issues, and seek to contribute a moral and faith-informed perspective to the discourse and advocacy around these topics. WISC has several working groups that focus on issues of particular concern to the faith-based community.

The WISC Working Group on Human Trafficking was formed in 2015 in recognition of a growing awareness among people of all faiths regarding the oppression and injustice of human trafficking and a burgeoning movement within the faith-based community to end all forms of modern-day slavery. The Working Group is intended to serve as a resource and a catalyst for the faith community as it seeks to engage more deeply with the issue and work shoulder-to-shoulder with governments and civil society to help end trafficking.

Because January is Human Trafficking month, we are proud to promote this Interfaith Toolkit on Human Trafficking. It contains information on the basics of human trafficking along with impacts on children and faith-based resources from 5 different religious traditions. You can download the toolkit attached as a pdf below.