Mother's Day Vigil at the Northwest Detention Center

Information about the northwest Detention Center

The Northwest Detention Center is one of the largest immigration detention centers in the United States.  This detention center is a private for-profit prison operated by The GEO Group, an international prison management group (GEO operates the prison at Guantanamo Bay).

The U.S. Government contracts with private prisons to detain immigrants awaiting decisions on their cases (due to lack of appropriate work documents, expired visas, etc.) These contracts require that 34,000 beds will remain filled. The vast majority of detainees have committed no crimes and yet are being kept in prison type conditions.

During the past two months, beginning in Tacoma, WA and spreading to other detention centers, detainees have organized a hunger strike, calling attention to the near slave like conditions in the detention centers where detainees are required to work for a few dollars a day, and are only able to purchase high priced phone cards, shoes, etc. from the detention center commissary. Other critical conditions include inadequate and un-healthy food, and lack of timely access to medical care and social and legal services.

For several years, the faith communities have held weekly prayer vigils at the Northwest Detention Center and have visited with families who have loved ones being detained.  Our largest vigil of the year is Mother’s Day Weekend, jointly sponsored by the Washington and Oregon New Sanctuary Movements. If you are in the area, please consider joining them. The Rev. Carla Robinson will be one of the principal speakers.  The afternoon will include music, food, testimony and prayer and offering hospitality to visiting families.

For further information contact Dianne Aid at (206) 280-9453 or Attached below is a printable flier with more information.