March Climate Campaign Webinar

FAN was delighted to welcome Dr. Gary Paul Nabhan to our latest climate change webinar held on March 13. Gary spoke very eloquently on the plight of the pollinators, specifically the monarch butterfly. These beautiful creatures represent so much, from metamorphosis to the souls of the deceased. Currently, their population is dwindling and Gary offered some simple ways to ensure their existence continues. Additionally, he promoted the day of contemplation and action upcoming on April 14, 2014.

If you missed it, we invite you to view the webinar in its entirety here.

Additional resources are showed below:

A Prayer for Monarch Butterflies

Gary's Website: Make Way for Monarchs. Here you can find copies of the documents Gary mentioned such as the fliers for A Day of Action, Metamorphosis and Winged Credo.

The prayer of St. Francis, sung by Sarah McLachalan.

Finally, attached below is the Power Point presentation.

Please watch for information on our webinar next month where we will welcome Marybeth Lorbiecki, FAN's newest staff member to discuss the Interfaith Ocean Ethics Campaign.