Laudato Si (Praised Be) Resources

The Vatican has confirmed that Pope Francis’s long-awaited encyclical on ecology will be released on June 18th. It has been widely reported that the title of the encyclical will be Laudato Si (Praised be), with the subtitle Sulla cura della casa comune. (On the care of the common home).

Many of our friends at other organizations have been generously sharing resources they have developed to help amplify Pope Francis’s message of integral ecology. FAN is happy to share some of the those resources with you.

In addition to the webinar FAN coordinated with the Global Catholic Climate Movement, available here, Faith in Public Life offered a media training webinar recently. It was a great introduction to everything from how to prep for an interview to how to write an op-ed piece. The slides are attached below.

  • The Diocese of Brooklyn has produced a fabulous encyclical documentary titled CUSTODY + CREATION.  The film includes an interview with Covenant Executive Director Dan Misleh, among other Catholic experts, and will debut on June 14. The Diocese has released two trailers of the film: Trailer 1 and Trailer 2
  • Yale Climate Connections has produced a video titled This is Not Cool which traces some of the biblical background laying the foundation for what is expected to be Pope Francis’ coming encyclical on climate change. The video includes an interview with Covenant Associate Director Lonnie Ellis, OFS.
  • U.S. Catholic Magazine has published an article titled Papal authority and climate change: Preparing for Pope Francis' encyclical. The article outlines the gradations of papal teaching authority, clarifies the corresponding ways that the faithful are called to respond, and locates likely encyclical teachings within this matrix. The article is written by Covenant Project Manager Dan DiLeo.
  • CRUX editor John L. Allen, Jr. has written Getting ahead of the spin on the pope’s environmental encyclical.  Allen anticipates and refutes the four most likely mis-characterizations of the encyclical.
  • Dave Pruett, former NASA researcher and Emeritus Professor of Mathematics, James Madison University, has written Pope Francis’ Integral Ecology. There he explains a concept that is likely to be at the heart of the pope’s encyclical.
  • USCCB’s Environmental Justice Program (EJP), seeks to educate and motivate Catholics to a deeper reverence and respect for God's creation, and encourages Catholics to address environmental problems, especially as they affect poor and vulnerable people.

Please let us know if you are aware of other resources.

Peace and All Good