Join Pope Francis in the Share the Journey Campaign

On September 27, 2017 Pope Francis launched an international campaign, “Share the Journey”, which is aimed at increasing support and solidarity for immigrants and refugees. It will focus on the Church's engagement with immigrants and refugees, Catholic social teaching on migration, and the need to address the root causes that drive migration.

Pope Francis is calling each of us to Share the Journey with our neighbors – all our neighbors, not only those who live near us, look like us, speak like us or pray like us. Our neighbors include many of the world’s most vulnerable people: migrants and refugees fleeing violence; people trafficked for sex and labor; and our undocumented neighbors forced to live in the shadow. Each of them is seeking nothing more than their basic needs and a path forward. Just like us, they are children of God, deserving of dignity and love. We as a Franciscan family are answering the Pope’s call to encounter and walk with these people on the move in support and solidarity.

We invite you to check out all the information on the Share the Journey website, including:

Ways to get involved
Calendar of upcoming events
A resource library
Along with many personal stories of the journeys people have had to take.

The Share the Journey campaign is expected to run for a two year period.  Click here for more information and get invovled.