Franciscans Disgusted by Gun Lobby's Continued Death Grip on American Society

For Immediate Release
October 3, 2017
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Franciscans Disgusted by Gun Lobby's Continued Death Grip on American Society

As We Mourn the Lives Lost and Changed in Las Vegas, We Demand Answers from Leaders More Interested in Protecting Guns than Protecting Lives

Washington, D.C.--As Franciscans, we believe in the sanctity of all life. Once again we are confronted with a senseless act of violence. This latest mass shooting in Los Vegas is just another example of how we have become so complacent that we place little to no value on human life. We have seen this tragedy too many times. It unfolds over and over. We are horrified by this senseless act of violence. It is long past the time for Congress to act and stand up to the gun lobby.

Patrick Carolan, Executive Director of the Franciscan Action Network states: “Gun safety is not a political issue. It is about the defense of life. It is a pro-life issue, a moral issue, and an ethical issue. We need to stop just offering prayers and start acting. As Pope Francis has asked “"Can violence achieve any goal of lasting value? Or does it merely lead to retaliation and a cycle of deadly conflicts that benefit only a few “warlords”?" It is clear that the United States is run by warlords and that Congress is unwilling to stop the war profiteers.”

Carolan went on to say: “Our leaders offer their prayers and thoughts and we move on as if nothing happened. What is especially disheartening is that it happened right at the beginning of Respect Life month.  Many of our political and religious leaders will issue statements about Respect Life month; they will profess to be pro-life. If they are more interested in protecting guns than in protecting human lives can they really call themselves pro-life? They need to stop pretending!”

We mourn for those slaughtered and wounded and pray for their families. We must challenge our political and religious leaders who oppose common sense gun violence prevention. They do not have the best interest of our Nation or God in mind. They only care about the money they receive from the firearm industry. We must find a way to put an end to this madness.