Franciscan Presence at COP21 and Beyond

Franciscan Delegation arrival in Paris
Franciscan Delegation arrival in Paris
Franciscan Delegation Meeting, Day 1
Franciscan Delegation Meeting, Day 1

Br. Benedict Ayodi, OFM, Cap. is the Capuchin representative on the Romans VI, the inter-Franciscan JPIC Commission in Rome. Br. Benedict helped to coordinate the Franciscan Delegation in Paris, there to promote a Franciscan presence at COP 21. The group includes representatives from Franciscans International, the worldwide Franciscan family, and all are being hosted by the Franciscan Family in France. Please check out the final report and photo summary of our time in Paris during the Climate Summit.

Yesterday began the first in a 8-day mini-summit to consider Franciscan spirituality at the COP, the Encyclical 'Laudato  Si', and will promote participation at the parallel activities proposed by other religious and civil society groups. About 20 Franciscans have arrived at Orsay retreat center to participate at the COP21 climate summit.

Attached find some notes from their initial meeting:

  • In the morning session there were introductions and a link was especially made between RIO+20 and COP21, see the attached presentation (below) by Sr. Shiela Kinsey.
  • Sr. Odile, who is participating at the official negations on behalf of FI, gave updates on cop21.
  • Patrick Carolan- spoke about the work of Franciscan Action Network, FAN and the Global Catholic Climate Movement - GCCM.
  • Cardinal Humes OFM- presented his work with REPAM and his work in the Amazon
  • Fr. Rodrigo OFM- Spoke about his initiatives to address the negative issues of mining, the mining project was begun during the RIO+20 in Rio by the Roman VI.
  • Fr. Markus Heinz OFM- Presented the work of Franciscans International - bringing the voice of Franciscans at the UN and at COP21. Sr. Odile and Mr. Budi are participating at the official COP21 negotiations, they represent Franciscans.
  • Sr. Odile FMM, - Presented details on the negotiations and mechanism of COP21
    The participants engaged the presenters with their comments and questions. We had a healthy discussion. Look for photos from the meetings on FAN's Facebook Page.

We will continue to update you on the progress of these meetings as information becomes available. We ask for your continued prayers for the attendees, that the outcome be fruitful for Franciscans worldwide.

Romans VI also prepared a Study Guide (see below) to help Franciscans around the world and other groups to reflect on Laudato Si. 
The Guide is divided into seven sections, one for the introduction and one for each of the six chapters. The suggestion is to prepare 9 meetings to include each of the seven sections of the guide, with two extra, one as a general introduction to the 'course' and one as a final evaluation.

The Roman VI request that, if you are using this guide, you  organize  the  first encounter for this study to commence during the weeks of the COP21 Meeting (30 Nov - 12 Dec), in communion of prayer with those of the Franciscan Family who will be participating at the summits at COP 21.

You can download the Study Guide below as well as a copy of Laudato Si. They are intended to be used together.