Franciscan Action Network Welcomes President Obama’s Efforts to Reduce Gun Violence

January 6, 2016

Washington, DC

Statement is next step in assuring safety of all Americans; now Congress must act

The Franciscan Action Network (FAN) commends the President for his new executive actions to reduce gun violence, announced yesterday. Three years ago, FAN was a strong supporter of the bi-partisan Manchin-Toomey proposal which would have expanded background checks had it not failed in the Senate. In those three years since, there have been multiple mass shootings plus killings every day in cities, towns and rural areas across the United States. We applaud yesterday’s statement by President Obama and encourage Congress to follow his lead and revisit gun safety legislation.

Following the teachings and example of Jesus Christ and of St. Francis of Assisi, FAN considers peacemaking integral to its mission. During a violent period in history, Francis forbade his followers to carry weapons. FAN continues to promote nonviolence and sensible gun regulations, particularly through its membership in Faiths United to Prevent Gun Violence.

“FAN acknowledges, as does the President, that stronger measures need action by the Congress,” says Sr. Marie Lucey, FAN Director of Advocacy. “However, FAN applauds the President for doing what he can within his legal abilities. His executive actions are definitely moving in the right direction.”  

We now call on Congress to follow the President’s lead and pass meaningful gun safety legislation to ensure that Americans are safer in their own homes, neighborhoods, places of worship, movie theaters and schools.