FAN Supports the President's Action on Climate Change

Patrick Carolan, executive director of the Franciscan Action Network, recently released this statement on President Obama's climate change initiative:

The Franciscan Action Network is grateful that president Obama is taking the initiative on the issue of climate change. We believe protecting God's creation is a moral imperative. Pope Francis described the situation well: "We are losing the attitude of wonder, contemplation, listening to creation. . .The implications of living in a horizontal manner is that we have moved away from God, we no longer read His signs. . .men and women are sacrificed to the idols of profit and consumption: it is the 'culture of waste.'"  We stand in support of the president’s action. We are saddened, however, that caring for God's creation has become such a polarizing issue. It is unfortunate that some political leaders have chosen to “bury their heads in the sand” and refuse to acknowledge what 97% of scientists, the past three popes, the U.S. Catholic bishops, and religious and community leaders from across the United States and the world have understood. Climate change is real and if nothing is done it will lead to the destruction of society as we know it. This is not just a problem for the future, but already 150,000 people are dying every year because of climate change according to the World Health Organization. Thus, for people of faith it is a right-to-life issue. We are grateful that president Obama has chosen to take the lead. We pray that leaders from both political parties will acknowledge the seriousness of the problem and enter into a civil, non-partisan discussion toward finding solutions.