FAN Supports Fast from Fast Food

Across the country, fast food workers are taking courageous action to push for $15 an hour and the right to form a union without retaliation. By joining with other workers across low-paying industries, they are winning concrete victories for the working poor. By doing so, they are doing God's work.

This Lenten season, people of faith and good will are invited to Fast from Fast Food in solidarity with the more than four million fast food workers who are pushing for change as they struggle to survive on poverty wages. Fasting opens up a pathway to a spiritual energy that has been known to shake prisons and swing open locked doors as told in the story of the Philippian Jailor in the book of Acts. It’s not too late to join. Take the pledge today.

By fasting and praying, we are telling fast food workers and other workers in low-wage industries that we're with them in the struggle! Pledge to Fast from Fast Food.

To request printed pledge cards for your congregation or for more information, e-mail To see the pledge in Spanish and for more resources, head to the Interfaith Worker Justice Website.