FAN Opposes H.R. 3009 and Proposal of General Wesley Clark

FAN recently signed on to two letters opposing anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim proposals.

H.R. 3009, “Enforce the Law for Sanctuary Cities Act,” was proposed by Rep. Hunter (R-CA) following the brutal murder of a woman killed by an undocumented man who has crossed the southern border several times. This heinous act was committed by one person but has been used by Rep. Hunter and others to target Sanctuary Cities like San Francisco. Many faith organizations, including FAN, immigrant groups and labor organizations have written letters urging legislators not to support H.R. 3009. The Administration issued a statement of strong opposition, instead urging greater efforts to reform our nation’s broken immigration system.  Unfortunately, this bill passed, but when the President is presented with H.R. 3009 his senior advisors will recommend that he veto the bill.

Many organizations are appalled by statements of General Wesley Clark suggesting that certain Americans, “who are most likely to be radicalized” be segregated from the public and placed in camps until the end of the conflict in the Middle East. FAN joined civil rights, faith, advocacy, and community organizations in signing a letter of great concern to General Clark, saying: “Your statements take us back to a very painful and tragic time in our nation’s history, when 120,000 Japanese Americans and thousands of German and Italian Americans were summarily forced from their home and confined to internment camps simply based on their ethnicity,” a time that the country looks back on with regret. The General’s comments come at a time when “anti-Muslim rhetoric and hate crimes are at an all-time high” although violent incidents by American Muslims are very minimal compared with approximately 6 million Muslims who live peacefully with their fellow Americans.

General Clark and legislators like Rep. Hunter play into people’s fears, although rational facts do not support these fears. The Gospel message is that love conquers fear.