FAN Hosts Successful Screening of 'Making a Killing' Film on Gun Violence Prevention

On May 11, FAN staff hosted an event coordinated with St. James Parish and CONECT (Congregations Organized for a New Connecticut) in Stratford, CT. The evening began with a viewing of three of the five chapters of the film, "Making a Killing: Guns, Greed and the NRA" produced by Brave New Films.

After the film had been shown, the 60 attendees broke up in to small groups to discuss how the film made them feel, what shocked them and what actions they felt compelled to after hearing the stories. One woman shared with the entire group her personal story of how gun violence has given her family "a new normal" and that the pain of loss is not something that "you get over."

The conclusion of the evening held some good news that Stratford's Mayor and Chief of Police have both endorsed the national Do Not Stand Idly By campaign, supported and promoted by CONECT. This campaign, launched by Metro Industrial Areas Foundation urges Police stations in cities and towns all over the country to use their buying power to create first-rate networks of weapons dealers that meet high standards of security, record keeping and cooperation with law enforcement and support smarter, safer gun technology.

FAN urges members to host a screening in your community or a house party with a few friends to spread the word about this powerful, eye opening film. Get more information about it on the Brave New Films website.