Faithful Budget Toolkits and Resources

We believe the federal budget is not just an economic document; it is also a statement on the moral compass of our nation. As such, it should reflect our highest calling to take care of the most vulnerable and support a just, equitable society.

FAN has been working this year with other faith groups in the DC area to bring this directive to Congress. The message to our national leaders--rooted in our sacred texts--is this: Act with mercy and justice by serving the common good; robustly funding support for poor and vulnerable people as well as peacebuilding, both at home and abroad; and exercising proper care and keeping of the earth.

From background on the current budget proposal to talking points on numerous issues, many toolkits and resources have been developed to assist you during town hall meetings and other local public events with your Members of Congress during the August recess. You can access these resources below. We urge all members to find the issue that speaks to your heart and schedule a meeting with your elected official.

As faith communities and Americans of conscience we stand with those whose need is great and we call on all of us to act together as the American people with mercy and justice, and to re-arrange our national priorities to focus on the common good.

Faithful Budget (Full Document)
Faithful Budget Preamble
Domestic Human Needs
Health Care
Native Americans
Criminal Justice
Foreign Assistance
Paying for a Faithful Budget
Faithful Budget Grassroots Toolkit
Talking Points: Domestic Human Needs
Talking Points: Immigration
Talking Points: Environment