Faith Communities Acting on Climate Change

Fairfield County Interfaith Alliance on Climate Change
Fairfield County Interfaith Alliance on Climate Change

On Sunday, October 26th, FAN participated in an interfaith workshop program in Connecticut. People from various faiths came together to hear keynote speaker, Dr. Mary Evelyn Tucker, a senior lecturer and research scholar from Yale University. Mary Evelyn talked about what faith communities can bring to the climate change discussion and how our "principles will guide us through a difficult change" that needs to happen for the future of the planet to survive.

After the keynote, attendees were able to choose one of six roundtable conversations to particpate in the question of moving forward. See the photos on our Facebook page.

Finally, we were all brought together to go over the next steps that were discussed. A meeting on November 18th at 7pm at St. Paul's Church in Fairfield was announced. A brief but powerful worship service brought the four elements of earth, air, water and fire together while Terri Eickel sang "How Great Thou Art."

We offer deep gratitude to Dr. Mary Evelyn Tucker for her inspiring words and to St. Paul's Church in Fairfield, CT for hosting the event.

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