Encouragement for The Treaty For the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

As a action to promote International Peace Day, the FAN staff would like to offer this video encouraging people to contact their elected officials and voice support for the Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. In August 2017, 122 UN member states signed the UN Treaty for Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. The nuclear states, including the US, did not. The US boycotted the ban treaty negotiations and directed its NATO “allies” and clients to do the same. So, while 122 nations (out of the 193 nations who are members of the UN) voted in favor of the Treaty, the US is refusing even to consider signing.

The video below shows a number of short speeches include representatives from signing states, peace organizations, and individual young voices. Dorothy Day's granddaughter, Liz McAlister and FAN friend, Mary Yelenick are speakers.

We need to put pressure on the White House, and our Congressional representatives — and on UN Ambassador N. Haley — to have the US sign the Treaty. We invite you to watch the video and sign the petition.


Encouragement for: The Treaty For the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons from Anthony Donovan on Vimeo.