Catholics of Color Environmental Justice Training Held in New York

FAN has begun a series of Environmental Justice training workshops in Catholic communities of color all over the U.S. With a focus on Black Catholic and Latino Catholic communities, we aspire to raise awareness on how these two demographics are disproportionately negatively impacted by climate change.

The first of these workshops (pictured here) was held recently in New York City at St. Charles Borromeo, the hub of the Black Catholic churches in Harlem and link to the Office of Black Ministry of the Archdiocese of NY through the Harlem deanery.

With this program, we hope to accomplish a solid network of African American and Latino Catholic leaders in communities of color who can work to empower people in those communities to join the conversation and work together toward climate solutions that are effective. We are excited about continuing this program into the new year. If you want more information on bringing a training workshop to a city near you, please contact us at