Catholic Voters Guide for Mid-term Elections

The staff of FAN joined several other Catholic organizations based in DC to develop a voter’s guide for the upcoming mid-term elections in November.  We wish to stress the importance of voting, and to assist members in addressing questions based on Catholic Social Teaching to those running for public office in both parties.  As Franciscans, we support a consistent life ethic which believes in the sanctity of all human life, and that the most effective way to reduce abortion is to address poverty. We also looked at all the issues listed in this guide within the same consistent life ethic.

We encourage our members to download and use this guide, “A Call to Holiness,” in town meetings, candidate forums, and other ways to communicate with candidates in preparation for voting on November 6th. The guide can also be used with friends, neighbors and family members as we encourage each other to be informed Catholic voters.

The guide is now available in Spanish. Versión en español, descargue aquí.