Canticle Campus to Begin January 18th

FAN is proud to announce the new session of Canticle Campus, a joint effort within the Franciscan family, both Catholic and Protestant, to establish a central location of education and dialog.
With the idea of building a non-profit collaboration of Franciscan Family members and Franciscan-hearted people, our goal is to establish an online college where knowledge, understanding, and dialog in civility, tolerance and religious freedom (in the spirit of Francis and Clare of Assisi) are primary.

The book being studied this term is:
Everything Must Change, When The World's Biggest Problems And Jesus' Good News Collide, by Brian D. McLaren. We will be using the 2009 edition, found here. Be aware, some older and electronic editions will not match with the course work. We recommend purchasing the paperback version.
Since this book is longer than what we have done in the past, the classes will run for about 16 weeks, with a break during Holy Week. The classes are offered in the spirit of Francis and Clare so there is no cost except to purchase the book for the class (or classes) you decide to take. To register or for more information, contact Francesca Wigle.