After Supreme Court Split Decision, Now What?

By now, everyone has heard of the split decision from the Supreme Court on the President's executive actions regarding DACA and DAPA. FAN issued this statement after the decision came down. Many people and advocates are wondering, "Now what do we do?"

Justice for Immigrants held a very informative webinar to help answer that question with help from the USCCB/Migration and Refugee Services’ Immigration Policy Advisor Melissa Hastings, Esq. and CLINIC’s Director of Advocacy Ashley Feasley, Esq. The link to the webinar will be made available soon. Until then, we offer the two PowerPoint presentations that were used (attached as links below.)

Additionaly, members may want to check out CLINIC's website as they have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to quickly and efficiently answer any questions you may have about the ruling and it's effects.

Keep checking this page and we will update it as more information becomes available.