‘Democracy Awakening’ Comes to the Nation’s Capital in April

At a mass convergence on Washington, D.C., people will demand that policymakers address barriers to voting, curb the influence of the wealthy in elections.

This April, thousands will mobilize in Washington, D.C., to spur a Democracy Awakening like never before and FAN is proud to be a part of it. From April 16-18, we will gather in our nation's capital to Rally for Democracy and call for a Congress of Conscience. For some of you these dates may ring a bell as it is the same weekend as Ecumenical Advocacy Days. These movements are happening simultaneously and not in competition of one another.
The movements for voting rights, money in politics reform, climate, labor, women's, immigrant and others are coming together to deliver a resounding message to our nation's leaders:
We demand a democracy that works for all of us - where we have an equal voice and elected officials are accountable to the people and the public interest.
If that's a vision you want to be a part of, sign up to stay engaged. The Awakening will feature exciting panels and workshops, music, inspiring speakers and activists like you from around the country, joining together to demand solutions.
When the U.S. Supreme Court issued Citizens United back in 2010, it undermined the integrity of the vote by allowing billionaires and wealthy special interests to drown out our voices. And in 2013, the Supreme Court dealt democracy another blow when it gutted a key provision of the Voting Rights Act in its Shelby County decision.
We are mobilizing in April to counter these undemocratic rulings and ensure both the right to vote and the integrity of the vote are upheld in this crucial election year.
Our elected officials have yet to act and we must hold them accountable.
Whether you care about climate change, racial justice, fair wages, or ever-increasing student debt, change is possible only when we stand together.
A coalition of more than 100 groups, including FAN, the NAACP, MoveOn.org, and Public Citizen have already jumped on board to make this April action historic.
Join the fight on the web and then "Like" and share this Facebook page.
It will take all of us. But together, we'll awaken the democracy we all deserve.